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AromaLamp™ - Aromatherapy Candle Warmer Lamp

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 ​​Enjoy the Fresh Aromatic Scent of Candles without having to Worry about them Melting Away. . 

Never forget to blow out your candle again!

Our luxurious AromaLamp™ are a stylish, modern and  flame-free way to melt your candles and waxes to release a vibrant, clean fragrance.  A safer option than burning your candles. This can reduce risks of house-fires and also doesn't produce any soot for when you burn your candle! 

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  • Sleek Stylish Design evenly warms candles from the top releasing a Constant Aromatic Fragrance throughout the day making your candles last up to 5 times longer!

  • Modern European Design features a perfect combination of contemporary feel and sleek visuals, perfect for all settings.

  • No Assembly Required, Simply put your favorite candle on the AromaLamp™  and enjoy the everlasting sweet fragrance.

  • Uses thermal energy to slowly melt the candle making AromaLamp™ smoke free and extra safe! Lightweight and portable design allows for use in any place.

  • Features an adjustable temperature knob that gives you the freedom to change the fragrance output!
  • Safer and more practical than your everyday candle. Works by evenly melting candle wax to produce a scent that distributes across a wide space. Say goodbye to the days of the burning smell or ash residue on the edges of your candle. No fire involved! 

  • Makes for beautiful decor. Aesthetically pleasing as they are effective. Featuring a dimmable design and modern appearance, our lamp creates an inviting ambiance that looks nice anywhere. 

  • An amazing gift. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or give someone a gift, the AromaLamp™ is a great option. It’s safer than your everyday candle, suits candles of all sizes, a great decor piece, cost-effective, effectively distributes scent, and is overall a unique piece that will wow anyone. 


Simply place your candle of choice on the base of the AromaLamp™ and plug the cord into a suitable power outlet. Then adjust your temperature and dimming settings and enjoy the aromatic smells of you candle!


  • Does the AromaLamp™ have a temperature adjuster? The AromaLamp™ has a built in temperature knob on the power supply cord which can alter the heat intensity.

  • Does it come with a candle? Nope.

  • How long can the AromaLamp™ be left on for? We recommend to use the AromaLamp™ with supervision to ensure maximum safety. But the AromaLamp™ is very safe regardless as it doesn't use an open flame.
  • Material: Iron, metal
  • Base: 10.5cm/4.1inch
  • Lampshade: 8cm/3.15inch
  • Height: 25.5cm/10.04inch
  • Candle base diameter: 5.5cm/2.17inch
  • Suitable for candles up to 10cm in height
  • 1 x Electric Candle Warmer Lamp